• Dual Advanced Sensors: Superior image quality in diverse lighting conditions.
• High Processing Power: Tailored for real-time AI and ML applications.
• Energy Efficiency: Sustainable operation with minimal power usage.
• Robust Connectivity: Empowered with 4G and 5G capabilities for seamless remote access.
• GPS Integration: Ensuring precise location tracking and data integrity.
• Additional battery pack and solar energy modules.
• NVME Storage: Offering rapid local storage solutions for effective data handling.
• Belixys Cloud Platform: Centralized control with sophisticated analytical tools.

Use Cases

• Ideal for remote monitoring in areas with limited access to power and connectivity.
• Safety and Surveillance: Ideal for businesses, residential areas, and industrial facilities, ensuring round-the-clock security
• Suitable for urban planning in smart cities.

Additional Benefits

• IR and white led Illumination for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.
• Customizable Alert and Alarm Settings for proactive safety measures.
• Intuitive User Interface for effortless operation.
• Scalable Solutions adaptable to diverse needs.
• Eco-Friendly Design, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

AI Solutions

Belixys develops and integrates AI software to offer intelligent behavior like learning, reasoning and problem-solving. It performs a range of tasks that typically require human intelligence, from a simple job to complex process of analyzing millions of data sets. AI machine learning in security and surveillance helps authorities to identify and detect threats.

Eco-Conscious Innovation for a Greener Tomorrow

• Solar-Powered Efficiency: EQOVISION leads the way in green technology with its integrated solar panels, ensuring sustainable operation and reducing carbon footprint.
• Energy-Smart Design: Its advanced power management system maximizes efficiency, minimizing energy waste and promoting longer operational life with less environmental impact.
• Recyclable Materials: Committed to environmental responsibility, EQOVISION utilizes recyclable materials in its construction, reducing waste and supporting circular economy principles.
• Reduced Emissions: By leveraging renewable energy sources and efficient power usage, EQOVISION significantly cuts down on emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.