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Highly Efficient CLOUD (BCM)


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Client-ready Management Cloud
Highly performant and secured client-ready management cloud, encrypted communication compatible with any VMS (Genetec, Seetec, Milestone, etc) offering continuous mobile or connected monitoring

Monitored Platform
Secured platform with video analysis, one platform for all cameras and surveillance units, energy level capacity, geofencing that tracks its location at all times, detector management,  user management, notification tool, sensor activities, shock detection and many others.

Autonomy and Self-Charging
Standalone solution offering multiple energy solutions, combined or separated: ac mains, battery,  fuel cell, LPG generator, solar energy and wind turbine.

Low Running Cost
Due to our smart power management system we provide a top notch solution with low energy costs and low power consumption

5 minutes fast deployable solutions
One man installation with remote setup and monitoring

Modular Design
Interchangeable and easily removable parts



Solving time sensitive surveillance issues by offering easy and fast deployable electronic connected solutions.


Focus on relationships, creative application of electronics and inciting the spirit of collaboration necessary to solve surveillance issues.


Autonomous and fast deployable platforms that provide persistent surveillance anywhere at any time across environments and mission sets.



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